World War One British Medical Army Corps – How To Find Information

World War One British Medical Army Corps – Finding Information 


The records relating to the World War One British Medical Army Corps are believed to have been destroyed during the 1930’s.  It was assumed that they would never have been required again.  How wrong is that assumption now?!?!

The vital piece of information usually needed is the medical unit(s) he served with.




Information about the promotions and appointments of officers can be found in:

1) The Monthly Army Lists – held in the library at the National Archive but other libraries maybe in a position to help, example here is the Scottish Library

2) The London Gazette. The London Gazette also printed information about honours and awards.





Did you have family serve in the Medical Corps?  Tell us about them, we would love to hear all about it, down below in the comments box:

80 Year Old Orphan Finds His Family DNA Test

80 Year Old Orphan Finds His Family DNA Test



Most of us have grown up within a type of family unit – could you imagine for just one moment what it would be like not to be able to grow up with any knowledge of family? Neither could I…

Patrick “PJ” Holland grew up not knowing anything, he was born and spent the first few years of his life in a hospital.  He then went to an orphanage where he stayed until he ran away at the age of 16 and joined the army. “All the orphans had people visit them on ‘people day’ except me, because there was no relatives,” he recalled.

However, the family that took him in after he demobbed made him feel just as one of them…but there was always something was missing.  Marilyn Souders a member of the family that took him in, has been working since 1970 to help ‘PJ’ find a living family member. Souders’ home office in Plano looks like a mad scientist’s genealogy lab according to all reports. Old photographs and yellowing documents spill out from file folders and cabinets and shelves.

Souders sent off a DNA test of PJ’s hoping against hope that something would come up.  She had found the name of PJ’s mother, Agnes Holland, but that was all she was able to get. One morning as she logged into her computer a box jumped at her announcing, that there is a 1st Cousin match!

An aspiring 31yr old actress from New York, on a whim, took a DNA test, it returned a match, she didn’t really give it any thought until she was contacted by Souders who informed her that PJ had been actively searching for his mother since 1970.  Her father was his first cousin.

The video shows what happened next.

This is a positive result from DNA testing.  What stories can you share below in the comments box?

We look forward to reading your comments.

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