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Marie McIntosh

Nepean Highway

Carrum 3197

Justice of Peace Victoria


It is with pleasure I write this testimonial For Ms Fiona Tellesson (Genealogist – Experts In Genealogy).

I asked Fiona for assistance to start my search for my family tree,

as I had no idea how to start this process.

Fiona set up the program and guided me along showing me the step by step process

so I didn’t get too confused.

I found Fiona to be extremely knowledgeable and very patient not only as a new

beginner but during the past 6 years whenever I called she always made herself

available to assist me with any problems I might have had and for this I am very

grateful .

I am close to completing this section of my project and once again I will be relying on

Fiona’s advice and guidance.

I feel very fortunate to have had the support and back-up that Fiona has given me.

I offer my grateful thanks to Fiona.

With Best Wishes,

Marie McIntosh

Marie McIntosh001

Marie McIntosh Justice Of The Peace


Here is what Suzi Turner says about our Chief Genealogist – Fiona Tellesson

Here is a lady who puts in the hard yards to follow up on her passions.

She takes a real interest in her clients and is determined to deliver outcomes.

I would recommend her to anyone trying to trace their family history.

Suzi Turner

Suzanne Turner

Sharepoint/Information Management Consultant, Recovery College


Thanks a million Fiona, you have filled in one of my missing ‘pieces’, looks like Eliza married my Thomas Arthur Wearing who was born in Neath Glamorganshire and emigrated in 1924, Eliza was also born in Glamorganshire, but they divorced and this must be her remarriage.   I have his remariage but not hers…………….

Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much, Maureen Newman

Hi Fiona, thank you so much for looking up and getting that information for us, very interesting, I would not have thought of divorce, just goes to show doesn’t it.

I will have a look at the SA Library just in case they have other ‘things’ to look at that the Vic State Library might not have.

Again Fiona, so many thanks, for the outstanding advice and coaching techniques that you’ve given me over the past three years. My cousin in Neath Glamorganshire is going to be very interested in this development, as she is closer in relationship to Thomas Arthur than I was.

Talk to you soon, Maureen Newman



Hi Fiona, thank you so much for the info on SA, this little world is fullof surprises isn’t it.   Thanks a million, let me knowif there is anything you want in  SA tons love    Maureen Newman

Maureen Newman

Maureen Newman

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