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You’ve logged into and found too much information, you’re suffering from overwhelm.  Or, you just want to know more about where your family came from, your Genealogy/Family History, but you don’t have the knowledge or skill, or really, the time.

Jenny our ‘wildest fan’ her words, not ours.  Didn’t have the time, nor  the skills, but wanted to find out more about her family history – genealogy. Just to tell you more about Jenny, with her permission, of course!!! Jenny’s mother passed away, when Jenny was ten years old, then her father, when Jenny was a young teenager.  So, whilst she had a vague idea about her father’s family, she was just ‘clueless’ about her mother’s, and she wanted to know much more about her father as well.

Finding her family story was an important part of Jenny’s Life Jigsaw, it was that bit of puzzle missing…she just didn’t feel ‘whole’.

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So Jenny engaged Experts In Genealogy to find her family tree story.  She provided the information that she had, her father’s death certificate, immigration details of when the family immigrated from England and other bits and pieces that she had collected over the years, in the hope of being able to put them all together…one day.

Our Genealogy Expert, Fiona Tellesson, had a huge task, which was, at times, like ‘looking for a needle in a haystack’. But using skills built up over fifty years, she managed to work her way back, using the bits and bobs that Jenny had supplied.  Adding Jenny’s mothers death certificate, that Jenny had never seen, to the collection of certificates.

Hear directly from Jenny on how she feels about using Experts In Genealogy


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